Half-Life 2 Maps

A page for displaying my different maps. I’ll probably move them to their own pages when this one gets cluttered. Maybe.

Team Fortress 2 – In progress

Looking through a window towards respawn.
Looking towards the flag area.
At the flag area, looking toward the entrance.
An overview of red base so far.

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
The Pit
A midsized deathmatch map set in what I can only describe as a utilitarian section of a city. I grew up nearby the coal regions of Pennsylvania; One of my parents saw this map and commented that it looked like it was a place in one of the nearby cities. I can’t say I disagree.
dm_thepit - looking out over said pit
dm_thepit - in the water tunnels

The Factory
A midsized deathmatch map set in an abandoned factory setting. I think I was watching Dirty Jobs when I drew up some simple floor plans to the map.

Under Tracks

I never sent this one in to be hosted anywhere – I never hit a moment where I considered it ‘Finished’. I guess I did though. This was the first Half-Life 2 : Deathmatch I actually got to completion – I was very proud of the background/wilderness effect I managed to achieve.


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