Posted by: Drakon | June 1, 2009

Finally, Valve brings me a waterfall

Its not the most super awesome waterfall ever, but it beats using steam to mimic water.

Inspired by a recent trip to Rickett’s Glenn, Pennsylvania (Very beautiful place), I have hammered out a rough ‘sketch’ of a map that involves many caverns and waterfalls. Exactly ‘what’ the Blu and Red teams are doing there has yet to be decided.
Trying something slightly different this time around – my usual approach is to carve out the rocks as I make them. This time, I’m simply throwing blocks in there – big, clunky blocks. Looks like something from Quake 1 for now.
There are a few suspected advantages to this:

1 – Being the sort of person that can get 75% done with something and then lose all motivation when I realize I’ve got an even better idea for something else, I suspect I may be able to ward this off by getting a lot more down before the creative flow is turned off. I don’t need too much creativity for turning a block into a rock.
2 – Depending on the rocks you are going for, this can end up giving them a natural look when detailed (if done right).
3 – Think that might be it…

Going to take some screenshots of the same place as I show below as I detail it, to create something of a timeline of detail.

Will take shots of the rest of the level as I detail it.

I haven’t completely abandoned my previous work in progress – however, it is very likely to undergo some major changes before I start it up again.


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