Posted by: Drakon | December 21, 2008

Latest Team Fortress 2 Works

I’ve scrapped the previous map I’ve been working on in favor of starting up a new, slightly smaller map borrowing some of the ideas I had with the last one. In short, it brings to mind some of the ‘good old days’ when Team Fortress was with Quake 1. I’m trying to keep it dark, have very little reliance on prop models, and few texture variation (though tastefully done, hopefully). I am attempting to increase the detail on brushwork (brushes = the basic building blocks of the map) for two reasons: attempting to make up for the lack of props, and I think good brushwork can look much better than a well-propped but otherwise drab room.

Here are some screenshots of a weekend’s on-off worth of work.

A nice view of the whole Blue base – currently noclipped to get here, but I think a small sniper spot may be a nice addition here… I couldn’t let a view like this go to waste 🙂

Here’s a wide view from noclipping outside the map.
Wide view of chasm, from outside the map. is sneaky.

A ground level view at the entrance to the main part of the base.

The map was originally intended to be capture the flag, but I realized theres no good way to prevent rocket/grenade jumping from the entrance to the intended flag point (the top of the tower with the glowy pillars).
Instead, the plan is to make it capture points in guts only – Capture the opposing base 3 times to win the round.
Also, I’m using a lot more colored lighting than I usually do. I likes it. Likes it much. I have a nightmarish amount of displacements to work on – its hard to notice in the pictures, but about half of my rocks are still rectangles and cubes.


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