Posted by: Drakon | August 19, 2008

Latest Team Fortress 2 Map bits

With my ‘dark forest’ map on hold, possibly awaiting re-making, I’ve started off on another road, another night, and another theme.

UPDATE 9-18-08: The forest theme is being resurrected, and I have some direction now! The tree models that came with the heavy update will now make up the surrounding area – The overall theme of the map is rarely decided when I start making it. The few times I do start with that in mind I seem to actually get them done. Anyhow, I this might imply that I will finish this map… ?

Although its still very dark (I’m still working on the lighting), you can at least see some tree silhouettes. I’ll try using an actual sky and providing a hilly background; it may look more awesome if the trees are unlit and only the silhouettes are visible, in that case…

Still up in the air is how, exactly, the middle area will happen now.

The 'labs' are now in the midst of a pine forest.

UPDATE 9-04-08: Not moving along quite so quickly anymore – the slump has arrived, but I’ve encouraged myself out of it by fixing some bugs in the map. I’ve finished (for the most part, detailing may not be done) the ‘flag’ room; its designed to look like a room housing a supercomputer of some sort. (Flag/Intelligence area not shown in the picture)

Intelligence room

Also, I’ve ripped out a floor and made it a pit. Every map can use a pit. They’re big, mysterious, and deadly. Seriously – 2fort should have a pit in its basement. The well should actually have a well. And Dustbowl should fall into a pit entirely. This is a floor level view looking at the lobby, over the pit.

Floor level view of the lobby area, over the pit.
UPDATE 8-21-08: Moving along – finished a lobby area. NO science-facility is complete without a coffee break area. I’d have added donuts, but such a model does not exist in Half-Life 2.
Further thoughts on theme: I feel an inter-dimensional theme could be workable. The ‘inner workings’ of such things I like to leave to inhabitants of the world – before I get ranting, I’ll simply say that games need to leave more to the imagination than they often do these days.
As you can see by this screenshot and the ones further down, I’m getting into an area that I can close off and detail more. Makes it look so much nicer when you can’t walk around in it.
I also may be doing something new here – has any other map used wooden planks heavily in a tech theme? I rather like it.

Coffee time!

These are obviously not done – I’ve black-boxed the entire map for the purpose of taking screenshots – you can probably tell theres a lot missing. Also, when I DO get to the point where I can cease the black box and actually hand-craft the ‘sky’, it will still be pitch black, unless Valve releases a decent night sky.

Standing on a plank walkway of Blue's base.

Looking onto a rooftop area of Blue's base.

As planned now, each base will consist of two parts – about one half rooftops/outdoor, and the rest will be inside the flag area. For once I’m going to try and force the building’s exterior to NOT match up
with the interior – I did that a little bit in dm_thefactory and I it worked well.
The base sizes will be medium (ctf_2fort or smaller), hopefully with a larger mid-ground. There will NOT be snipers shooting at each other from battlements of one fort to battlements of another. To prevent very good snipers (*cackle*) from dominating attackers, the battlement’s coverage will be limited, or force the sniper to move about much more than usual.


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