Posted by: Drakon | August 7, 2008

MUDBot/TF2 Map update

Age of Conan addiction is rapidly fading. I gave mmorpgs another try, but as always, the addiction only ever lasts 1 week to a month, and soon I see it joyless. Now, Team Fortress, I can’t seem to ever NOT have fun with that. Back to sniping!


Anyhow, now that I got a new video card for my Linux box (my old one melted its original fan at one point and was last being supported by an external fan. The colors it started producing were quite fascinating, though, albeit quite incorrect). I figured all the cool kids had it so I should too. I’ll be doing MUDBot work on there now. Working on a new method for MUDBot’s mob recognition. The current system works, but its just ugly.

As for my map, I’m currently looking for some inspiration to push me through the connection of the two areas. I have it somewhat mapped out, but that only takes you halfway through the process.


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